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Find a quiet place – a bedroom or the bathroom where you will be undisturbed

Find a quiet place – a bedroom or the bathroom where you will be undisturbed

Before you start:

  • Choose an appropriate size of tampon. For example, you’re best to opt for a slim or slender fit if you are young and not yet sexually active.
  • Always use a tampon from a sealed packet which has not been damaged.
  • Read the package https://hookupdate.net/tr/bumble-inceleme/ insert – this Tampax article has helpful information and diagrams of your body which are very useful.

To insert a tampon:

1. Take it slowly and calmly. This should hot hurt, and there is nothing terrible you can do to yourself!

3. Either sit on the toilet or stand and put one foot up on a chair, or onto the toilet lid.

4. Open the tampon wrapper and remove it. Before you try to do anything – take a good look at the tampon. It has a rounded tampon end, and an inserter tube – made either or cardboard or plastic. The whole tampon is a bit like a syringe. When you insert the tampon into your vagina and push the plunger, the tampon will pop out the other end, and you then remove the inserter from the vagina, leaving the tampon in place. Its very simple.

5. Now, assuming you are right-handed, hold the tampon like a syringe, first and second fingers on either side nearer the tip of the tampon, and your thumb on the other side.

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