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17 Naomi Says Dean Wants Cas To “Come back to Your”

17 Naomi Says Dean Wants Cas To “Come back to Your”

19 Dean Strokes Cas’ Mustache

You’ll find nothing as you may know it within the purgatory, except Dean’s emotions for their angel. From inside the seasons 8, occurrence 2 we see one to Cas de figure has expanded a mustache for the the harrowing place. Dean is apparently impressed on it in the beginning, petting the pretty undesired facial hair once offering Cas an effective heartfelt hug.

The fresh new mustache-heart attack tends to make this minute more discussing compared to kiss: Your hug a buddy when you’ve skipped him or when you are relieved observe your, you merely coronary attack your face of someone you romantically proper care from the.

18 Dean Left Cas’s Finish

Keeping Cas’s finish gave an effective nod toward unspoken love ranging from Dean and you may Castiel, therefore turned out one to regardless of what far Cas de figure ran during the betraying Dean one season, Dean however enjoyed your.

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