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Harrison, “The cam tours Chanukah events during the S

Harrison, “The cam tours Chanukah events during the S

* North park Cops Drive No. 281, ends . Harrison, Donald H. Independent, finalized by Bob Burgreen. * Donald H. Harrison, “This new Rites from Liofe Schedules: Chanukah is considered the most museum’s display themes,” Hillcrest Jewish Force-Lifestyle, December 21, 1990, Vasco Nunez de Balboa (Park), Doug Sharon, Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal, Jim Milch, Tessie Sonnebaum, Carol Center. * Donald H. Harrison, “Knock-out Saddam now, senator appetite,” North park Jewish Push-Customs, Hussein, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

* Jerome Greenblatt, “ Letters-That is a great jewfish?” San diego Jewish Drive-Society, December twenty eight, 1990. * Donald H. * Donald H. D.,” (Images captions) North park Jewish Push-Customs, December 30, 1990, Pages step 1, a dozen, 12: Fred Sokolow, “Cousin Ruthie,” a flower, Statement Bloom, John Evert, Steven Spencer, Rabbi Laurie Coskey, Nancy Harrison, Heather Zeiden, Sydel Zeiden, Edward Zeiden * Donald H. Harrison, “They are back in L.A beneficial. – since the a diplomat getting Israel,” Heritage-Southwestern Jewish Push, December twenty-eight, 1990, Profiles dos, 5: Tsuriel Raphael, Rabbi Eli Shochet, Cantor Avram Schwartz, Sarah Raphael, Leon Raphael *

Harrison, “Aliyah and you will Zionism: An Israeli newscaster talks about step 3 Jewish communities,” San diego Jewish Press-Traditions, December twenty eight, 1990, Users 2, 20: Freda Keet, Betty Byrnes

1991 Jerome Greenblatt, “Letters-Zero constitutional question,” San diego Jewish Press-Tradition, January 4, 1991: Donald H. Harrison, Rabbi Michael Sternfeld, Dennis Prager.

* Donald H. Harrison, “Rabbi’s visit to Russia contributes to family unit members reunion; Notice kept at the grave has reached his cousins,” Hillcrest Jewish Force-Customs, January cuatro, 1991, Rabbi Michael Manson, Leon Manzon, Shoshanna Manson, Rema Manzon, Betty Manzon * Donald H.

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